My name is Allison Pohle, and I’m a producer for the NPR show On Point. I graduated from the Missouri School of Journalism with a Bachelor’s in Journalism (yes, they do call it a BJ), a minor in business, and knowledge of the lyrics to way too many country songs. I moved to NYC for a few months to research for The Investigative Fund, before moving to Boston, where I worked as a staff writer for Boston.com for a year and a half, before freelancing and then making my way into the world of public radio.

pohlephotoUnder “Published Clips,” you can find a portfolio of my best work, which I’ll keep updated as I continue to write and edit freelance stories. I specialize in deeply reported longform stories, some of which have been recognized by national media outlets. You can read those here and here. You can also read some of my favorite stories from 2015 here

You can also check out my blog, where I wrote extensively (read: very, very extensively) about my experience studying abroad in London. Other posts, like this viral post I wrote for Medium’s vertical The Archipelago, will give you a better sense of my writing style.

Some fun facts: I can name every AKC-registered dog breed and I won a contest for being able to recite the most digits after the decimal point in pi. I was once gently scolded by Amy Poehler (and I’d love to tell you about it).

To contact me regarding freelance opportunities (or just to say hi), feel free to send me an email at allisonpohle [at] gmail [dot] com.


One thought on “About

  1. Good work on the sex abuse survivor letters.
    The impact they have suffered comes across very well.

    I saw the imbedded response from the RCAB and note that when your paper carries the PR releases of the RCAB there is rarely a similar imbedded comment from survivors or their advocates.
    Not fair and balanced

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