A Quick Update Before I Jet Off from the UK

Ello from a 21-year-old!

As you know, I had such a great birthday. It all started with my epic adventure to Jane Austen’s house, which was one of the best days of my life. I had quite the “adult” birthday on the actual day because I spent it at work.

Luckily I got to leave for a bit to go pick up another surprise that my mom sent me, which was a look-alike Snickers made by Jane Robinson from the UK. My mom sent her a picture of my beloved dog and she knitted a stuffed animal to look just like Snickers, complete with her completely white front leg. She’s adorable! I’m getting quite the collection of stuffed animals over here, but I’m not complaining.

If I can't have the real Snickers, this is a close second!

If I can’t have the real Snickers, this is a close second!

Then I had another amazing surprise when I found out that the Jane Austen House Museum shared my blog on its Facebook page. I got the nicest comments from people all over the world who shared the stories of their own pilgrimages to Jane’s house. The Jane world might be small, but it’s a wonderful one to be part of.

Yet another surprise from my sneaky mom came when Jessica brought home cupcakes that my mom ordered from Hummingbird bakery. We’re still finishing them up and I never want them to end! They’re amazing.

So. Good.

So. Good.

I then went out to dinner with some friends. We had Spanish tapas (small plates) and they were incredible. It was nice to be able to celebrate my birthday with friends, even if it fell on an inconvenient Monday. We then went out for a pint at the pub, because when in London, you must celebrate in the English way!

On Tuesday I visited Conde Nast, which was one of the highlights of my journalism class thus far. We got to hear from the assistant publisher of Vanity Fair, the overall marketing director for the brand and the editorial rights director for the brand. It was very cool to be at the place that publishes VogueGQ and Vanity Fair, among others. The speakers were all very optimistic for the future of magazine journalism, and I am too!

In the afternoon I got a free facial courtesy of my internship. I had to write a short review in exchange for 30 minutes of relaxation! Seems like a fair trade-off to me.

On Wednesday night I watched the Brit awards, which are the British version of the Grammys. My sister would be thrilled at the major role 1D played in the ceremony. I think the MC mentioned them every five minutes. Their world tour starts this weekend, and I think Britain is very proud to have such a popular band representing its country. I was most excited to see Mumford and Sons perform and they didn’t let me down. (Taylor Swift did, but that’s no surprise to anyone).

Brits (and me) love these goofy guys

Brits (and me) love these goofy guys

Believe it or not my spring break starts this Friday! In less than 36 hours I’ll be in Venice, Italy for the start of my weeklong Italian adventure. I’m going with three other friends and couldn’t be more excited. We’re traveling to Venice, Milan, Florence and Rome. You can be sure that there will be endless pictures of architecture, fountains and of course, food to come in the next blog post.

I won’t be posting until I return next weekend, so I hope you don’t miss me too much! I promise to make the next blog post worth it.

Until next time,

Allison, the soon-to-be Italian adventurer



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