Published Clips

I spent one year at a drug recovery high school that’s teaching heroin addicts how to stay alive.

How a group of Boston teenagers organized a massive district-wide protest

I interviewed dozens of teenagers to find out how they organized a protest that shut down city streets.

At ‘Deflategate’ class, scientists let the air out of the NFL

I’ll admit it: I moved to Pats country convinced Tom Brady cheated. I went to a Deflategate course (yes, it exists) at the University of New Hampshire to learn the truth about the balls.

As the nation debated the Washington team’s logo, I looked into high schools in Massachusetts that still use Native American mascots.

After the Globe’s investigation, survivors of clergy sexual abuse gathered outside the church where Cardinal Bernard Law gave services to demand his resignation. They continued to hold their vigil after the church moved him. I went on the 700th Sunday to talk to them about why, even though they’d lost their faith, they kept showing up.



The world’s first Satanic Temple headquarters isn’t anything like you’d expect

I went to the opening of the world’s first Satanic temple headquarters to learn the truth about the misunderstood Satanists for Fusion.

Good Magazine

I went a gathering of old men who are trying to save the dying sport of tiddlywinks and wrote about why it’s important to them

Medium’s My Teen Diary

I moved away from home, but I couldn’t move away from myself

I wrote about what it’s like to move away from home when you’re trying to find yourself.

Medium’s The Archipelago

The Saddest Homecoming Queen in Ohio

This viral essay, which has been viewed about 1 million times, talks about my experience with depression.

Reception to “The Saddest Homecoming Queen in Ohio”

The Saddest Homecoming Queen in Ohio Speaks Out, The Plain Dealer

MU Journalism alum garners viral attention with brave narrative, Vox Magazine

Alumna’s essay on depression goes viral, The Maneater


When Twins Take Over The Town

The Investigative Fund’s Blog

How Digital Media Affects Investigative Reporters Worldwide

Everyday Health

10 Essential Facts About Measles

UNION Magazine

UNION Magazine

VoxTalk TV Reviews

Are you ready for season 3 of Scandal to return Thursday?

Scandal recap: Ride, Sally, Ride

Scandal Double Recap

St. Louis Post-Disptach

Kirkwood father tries to find meaning in daughter’s death

Inside Columbia Magazine

School’s Out Forever

KBIA Radio Commentary

Misdeeds, Misdemeanors and Miscommunications


TNT Magazine

Video: TNT talks to Thatcher funeral mourners and protestors

Beyonce blows the world away with her Super Bowl halftime performance

DNA tests confirm bones found under Leicester car park are Richard III

Serbian Prime Minister in Basic Instinct no-knickers interview prank

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The Toast



Multimedia Work

Video: Alumni prove they still have game at MU Rugby Old Boys Match

Video: TNT talks to Thatcher funeral mourners and protestors

Photos: UNION Wedding Magazine

Also published in Ohio Magazine, Northeast Ohio Family Magazines and Her Campus Mizzou.


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